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Overview of Typing Test Requirement

Typing tests are available to applicants applying to positions requiring typing certificates with the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD). Check the “Minimum Qualifications” and/or the "Application Instructions" sections of the job posting to see if a typing certificate is required. It is the responsibility of the applicant (including current Los Rios employees) to attach a valid typing certificate to their application.

  • Current Full-Time LRCCD Employee: Typing certificates are valid 3 years from date test was taken; OR, until expiration date, if indicated on the certificate.

  • NOTE: A typing certificate is not required ONLY for full-time LRCCD employees applying to positions with the same or lower typing requirments of their current position.

  • Non-LRCCD Employee: Typing certificates are valid 2 year from date test was taken.

  • NOTE: Temporary employees, student help and Federal Work Study or CalWorks students are not considered regular, permanent LRCCD Employees therefore typing certificates, for these groups, are valid 2 year from the date the test was taken (as noted under Non-LRCCD Employment requirements).

 If you have misplaced your LRCCD typing certificate, please contact Human Resources at 916-568-3112 or at

Where You Can Obtain Typing Certification

Due to the renovation of the Workforce and Economic Development Center on Ethan Way, Sacramento, all scheduled typing tests have been cancelled from August 2018 thru March 2019.  Please contact SacramentoWorks to schedule your typing test. Please click here to find a location nearest you.


Other places you can obtain certificates:

  • If you are a student or current employee of our district, you may obtain a typing certificate from a campus typing center.  Please check our college websites at for typing center information.
  • Temporary employment agencies often provide certificates. 
  • Sacramento Works offers skills testing at several of their locations (note:  when you click on their link, you can enter your zip code to provide the nearest location to you).

Typing Test Certification Requirements

  • Typing certificates must be attached to your application by midnight of the job posting closing date.
  • Typing certificates must be taken prior to the posting closing date.
  • Only 3 or 5 minute typing certificates will be accepted.
  • IMPORTANT:  All typing certificates must show total gross words per minute and the number of errorsLos Rios CCD calculates Net Words Per Minute by subtracting one point for each error.  (Typing certificates that list percentages only will not be accepted).

      Example:  45 Gross Words Per Minute - 5 errors = 40 Net Words Per Minute. 

  • Typing tests taken through an online service/agency WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Typing certificates must be signed and dated from a recognized school or agency.

For additional assistance, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and 5 Easy Steps to Apply links.