Looking for Fall 2020 Textbook Information?

The information on this page is for summer 2020, not fall 2020. Fall 2020 textbook information will be available after June 1, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Information for Students

The Los Rios college bookstores are transitioning to a new vendor, Follett, beginning in May 2020. Until the new bookstore website is available on or before June 1, 2020, students may use the following documents to find textbook information for their summer 2020 classes. The documents linked here are updated daily, Monday through Friday.

Textbook List by College

How to Find a Textbook

In the linked PDF documents, the fastest way to find your textbooks is to perform a keyword search (using Control + F on a PC or Command + F on a Mac) of the 5-digit class section number.

Required vs. Recommended

Under the "Use" column, there are three codes:

  • "REQ" means the textbook is required for the class.
  • "REC" means the textbook is recommended for the class.
  • "CHC" means that the textbook is required, but students only need to choose one of the options marked with "CHC" for the class.

Information for Faculty

If you would like to make any changes or corrections to your adopted course materials for summer or fall 2020, then contact Jasmine Trice at jtrice@follett.com.