Work Experience Internships

Gain Work Experience While You Earn College Credit

Our Work Experience Internship Program is a unique academic program where students apply what they have learned in the classroom to a work environment – all while earning college credit.

How It Works

The Work Experience Internship Program has two simultaneous parts:

  1. Students enroll in a Work Experience course at their college
  2. Students are matched with an internship for the semester

Benefits for Students

Students who participate in this program:

  • Get a glimpse into their chosen career field
  • Acquire hands-on experience within a structured program
  • Practice setting goals
  • Learn how to use performance evaluations for improvement
  • Develop relationships with potential future employers
  • Earn academic credit while working
  • Receive career guidance

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Benefits for Employers

As valued partners of the program, employers get a direct link to over 75,000 students in the Sacramento region. Interns can benefit your organization by:

  • Creating, developing, and completing special projects in your work environment
  • Taking over tasks that free higher-level professionals for more advanced work
  • Promoting closer ties between your organization, our colleges, and the greater community
  • Allowing you to recruit, train, and evaluate future employees

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American River College
Vivian Dillon
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Cosumnes River College
Carol Bernardo
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Folsom Lake College
Julie Collier
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Sacramento City College
Tracey Hodge
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