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Adjunct Faculty Hiring

Adjunct Faculty Pools

We maintain open pools of candidates for adjunct faculty positions.

How to Apply

To apply for an adjunct teaching position:

  1. View open adjunct faculty pools in the Los Rios jobs portal.
  2. Find the discipline in which you are interested and submit an online application.

Keep Your Application Updated

Remember to keep your application information updated in our online jobs portal – especially your phone and email. Withdraw your application from the adjunct pool if you are no longer interested. You can also contact Human Resources at (916) 568-3112 or to request access to update your application, transcripts, and other documents after you have certified your application. You'll need to provide the job posting number.

Adjunct Pool FAQ

How can I find out more about an adjunct position and the classes I would be teaching?

Adjunct faculty pools are open continuously and screened as needed, so there is no specific information available until the campus screens the pool and sets up interviews. To see which courses are offered in your discipline, visit our class schedules search page. Occasionally, when an adjunct posting is advertised with a closing date, more specific information is available.

When do adjunct pools close?

Unless the posting indicates a closing date, an adjunct pool is open continuously and screened by campus departments as needed.

Do I need to select only one campus in my application? How do I know at which campus a position is located?

Our adjunct pools are districtwide postings, so you may be contacted by any one of our four campuses.

Additional Resources

Faculty Diversity Internship Program

Faculty Diversity Internship Program

The Faculty Diversity Internship Program is a one-year commitment aimed at recruiting qualified faculty who mirror the racial and ethnic diversity of Los Rios' service area.

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