Building a Stronger Support System – District Maintains Responsible Fiscal Approach to Benefit Students

June 7, 2019

A Male tutor helping a female student with her Chemistry homework. A student getting Chemistry tutoring in the FLC Tutoring Center.

In a world of constant financial uncertainty, the Los Rios Community College District has maintained its long-held prudent fiscal approach, enabling the District to operate without disruption and deftly respond to changing conditions. Under the leadership of the District’s Board of Trustees and with the support of faculty and staff, the District continues to put students first by providing the resources necessary to establish effective pathways for their success. Consistent financial practices and innovative solutions have established the framework necessary for the District to remain financially solvent and able to adjust to unforeseen or unplanned circumstances.

Due to this responsible budgeting approach, the District has one of the highest bond credit ratings in the state. During the last recession, Los Rios was among only a handful of educational institutions around the state to avoid significant cuts to services, thanks to this focus on financial stewardship. These outcomes are the result of best practices that the District has and will continue to employ, modifying as necessary. Effectively and efficiently spending public resources to benefit students and the greater community remains a top priority for District leadership, who understand that sound financial planning allows for investment in the people that make our colleges thrive.

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