Building a Better Learning Environment – Facilities Master Planning Process Update

June 7, 2019

One female and two male SCC students sitting on stone bench talking and looking over their work. Students at SCC campus.

The entire Los Rios Community College District is in the process of completing a complex and thorough facilities master planning process. During the process, it has become clear that current identified priorities lean heavily toward modernization of District systems as opposed to constructing new facilities, with an emphasis on creating adaptable learning spaces. Upgrading existing facilities to become more flexible will enable the District to do more with less by efficiently using current space. By building smarter and creating classrooms and other learning environments that can easily be reconfigured to serve additional purposes, the District can better adapt and respond to the needs of its faculty and student populations. A large component of the updated Plan will also cover actions that promote water and energy sustainability and conservation as the District strives to achieve a zero net energy target.

The final Plan will be made available upon completion.

Funding Campus Improvements:

Los Rios will use a mixture of state and District bond funds to design and construct buildings outlined in the facilities master plan. Historically, the District has been able to leverage local bond funds by successfully competing for state matching funds. Over the past two decades, Los Rios has brought over $100 million in matching funds back to the Sacramento region through effective planning. We will continue this practice in the interest of being prudent with local resources.

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Facilities Management provides and maintains facilities that support the district’s educational mission and enhance the learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff.