Building a More Affordable Higher Education System – Our “Promise” to Students

June 7, 2019

A male student and female faculty member talking to each other while sitting at computers in the library A student and faculty member working in the Cosumnes River College Library.

As the cost of higher education in California continues to soar, community colleges remain a quality, affordable alternative to other more costly public institutions across the state. By providing students access to valuable skills, essential job training and preparation for a four-year degree at a reasonable rate, community colleges have emerged as the most affordable option to obtain a high-quality education.

The cost of tuition at California’s public universities, including the increasingly expensive University of California system, is now at least six times that of attending a community college. In response, policies aimed at expanding access by providing additional financial support have been implemented at the state and District levels. Last fall, the Los Rios Promise was introduced to support incoming first time, full-time college students through their first year of education at any Los Rios college by leveraging state and local money to cover tuition and offer support services.

Los Rios will continue to invest in our students and communities by offering affordable access to the tools necessary to achieve educational and career success.

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