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As of May 2020, Los Rios posts and accepts electronic bids through PlanetBids. Use the following information to learn how to navigate the electronic bidding process.

Go to PlanetBids

Register as a New Vendor

To start submitting electronic bids, your company must register as a new vendor through PlanetBids. This is only required once to establish a vendor record. Once you have a vendor record, you can start placing bids immediately. 

Find Electronic Bids

Go to PlanetBids and select Bid Opportunities. Follow the on-screen information to view bids. There is no special software required and electronic bidding is free.

For projects listed as electronic bidding projects, bids can only be submitted through PlanetBids – we will not accept paper bids. If a project is an electronic bidding project, then it will be labeled as such as on the project advertisement page and the project manual will indicate that electronic bids are required. Each bid's unique project manual will provide the bid's requirements.

Only one person can work on an individual electronic bid file at a time. Any required documents must be uploaded before you submit your bid.

Submit Electronic Bids

You will receive a bid submission confirmation pop-up along with an email from after you submit your bid. Until a bid is electronically opened at the designated date and time, no one is able to see a submitted bid except the bidder.


All addenda will be posted to PlanetBids. Select the bid of interest and double-click on the addendum to view details and download any associated document (if applicable). To acknowledge an addendum, click the Acknowledge button at the bottom of the addenda detail window. Note that all addenda must be acknowledged prior to electronic bidding.

Withdraw a Bid

You can withdraw your bid through PlanetBids before the specified bid opening date and time. Los Rios will only see the final bid submitted.

Bid Results

Bid results are publically available in PlanetBids immediately once bid closes. Select Bid Opportunities and locate the bid of interest. The three lowest sub lists are posted to the news feed at the top of PlanetBids screen (find and click on the calendar icon), typically the next business day after a bid closes.

Screenshot of PlanetBids screen with arrow pointing to calendar icon

Online Help

Click the headset icon toward the top of the PlanetBids page for help.

Screenshot of PlanetBids screen with arrow pointing to headset icon


For general questions, email If you have questions about a specific bid, then submit a question through the bid's Q&A tab.