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2022-2023 Annual Report

Cover of 2022-2023 CBOC Report

The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee represents various constituents of the community and is appointed by the Board of Trustees. It is responsible for the review of bond expenditures, the presentation of an annual report, and oversight for both Measure A and Measure M.

Detailed information regarding the projects for both measures is provided in the full 2022-2023 CBOC Annual Report.

Committee Members

  • Beverly (Babs) Sandeen, Chair
  • Michael Rizzo, Vice-Chair
  • Thomas Britting
  • John Ellis
  • Doug Haaland
  • John Ruden
  • Sosan Madanat
  • Aliane Murphy-Hasan
  • Nathan Taylor
  • Marty Katz
  • Lizette Navarette

Additional Documents