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Many of our job applications require that you attach a typing certificate. Check the Minimum Qualifications or the Application Instructions sections of the job posting to see if a typing certificate is required.

Typing Certificate Requirements

  • Length: Typing tests must be three or five minutes.
  • Words per minute: Typing certificates must show total gross words per minute and the number of errors. At Los Rios, we calculate net words per minute by subtracting one point for each error. For example: 45 gross words per minute minus five errors equals 40 net words per minute. We do not accept typing certificates that list percentages only.
  • Signed and dated: Typing certificates must be signed and dated by a recognized school or agency.
  • No online typing tests: We do not accept typing tests taken through an online service or agency.
  • Deadline to attach certificate: You must take your typing test, obtain a certificate, and attach it to your application by midnight of the job posting closing date.


  • Typing certificates for non-employees expire two (2) years after the test date.
  • Typing certificates for current temporary employees (including student help, Federal Work Study, or CalWORKS) expire two (2) years after the test date.
  • If you are a current full-time Los Rios employee and you already have a typing certificate, then it expires either three (3) years after the test date or on the expiration date (if there is one indicated on the certificate).

Where to Get a Typing Certificate

Sacramento Works

Sacramento Works is a job center system that provides resources and services to employers and job-seekers in Sacramento county. Find a Sacramento Works location near you and call to schedule a typing test.

Employment Agencies

Temporary employment agencies often provide typing tests and certificates. Contact an employment agency near you to find out more.

Disclaimer for Current Employees

If you are a current employee who is applying to a position with the same or lower typing requirements than your current position, then you do not have to attach a typing certificate.

Lost Typing Certificates

If you took a typing test at Los Rios within the the last two years, then you can contact Human Resources to get a new copy.