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What is the Equivalency Determination Process?

The equivalency determination process is used to decide if a candidate who applies for a faculty position and does not have the exact degree(s) and/or experience required for that particular position is qualified to be hired for that position based on other experience, education, course work, and so on.

The screening committee for the position is responsible for determining equivalency according to the guidelines. The committee may choose to have a subset of the committee perform this function. If this is the case, then the subcommittee must consist of at least three faculty members and the discipline's area dean.

How to Apply Under the Equivalency Process

After you apply for a faculty position, you will be asked the following supplemental question:

  • Please indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications for this position. Select the appropriate answer and attach supporting documents if required.

Your answer depends on which of the following is true for you:

Notification of Equivalency

You will be notified via email whether you are granted or denied equivalency. If you are granted equivalency, then we will generate the Equivalency Form P-38 for you and attach it to your online application. After you receive an email notification that your Form P-38 has been attached, you can log in to the application system and download or save your Form P-38 for use on future applications.

Guidelines to Determine Equivalency