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The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented transition of classes and services to the online environment. Because of improving public health conditions, we are adding more classes and services on campus.

Los Rios Community College District requires evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination (or an approved exemption) for all students who access district and college facilities.

Masks are strongly recommended but not required in all district facilities, regardless of vaccination status. Los Rios strongly supports any student or employee's choice to continue wearing a mask if it makes them more comfortable.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

The Los Rios colleges require that all students who take in-person classes or access in-person services meet the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Vaccination Requirement

COVID-19 Testing

Learn about COVID-19 testing options for students.

COVID-19 Testing

FAQ: Classes and Services

What classes are offered in person?

Los Rios Community College District is offering a variety of in-person classes and we look forward adding more in-person classes as public health conditions continue to improve.

What student services are offered in person?

We are offering many student services at least partially in-person. Implementation of these critical services for students will vary college-by-college based on student demand and unique staffing dynamics.

Are child development centers open?

The child development centers at American River College and Sacramento City College are open during Summer 2022. The child development center at Cosumnes River College is closed during Summer 2022.

Hours of operation may be limited; please check with the centers directly for more information.

What is the status of college sports?

College athletic competition is continuing, following all county, California Community College Athletic Association, and Big 8 Conference safety protocols. Spectators are allowed at outdoor events. Spectators are also allowed at indoor events with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours.

FAQ: Health and Safety

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or am exposed to someone who has?

If you test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then do not come to campus. Use our interactive decision chart to find out what next steps you should take.

FAQ: Masks

Are masks required on Los Rios campuses?

Masks are strongly recommended for all students, employees, and visitors in any indoor space at Los Rios Community College District, regardless of vaccination status. For outdoor activities, masks are always permissible and anyone who feels safer or more comfortable wearing a face-covering outdoors is encouraged to do so.

We expect that employees and students will continue to wear masks in the following situations:

  • Individuals who are symptomatic and on campus to take a COVID test should continue to wear a mask.
  • Individuals who were recently exposed to a positive COVID case should continue to wear a mask for 10 days, even if they have been cleared to return early (prior to 10 days after exposure) based either on vaccine/booster status or by testing negative at day 5 or later.
  • Individuals who have tested positive for COVID and who have returned early (prior to 10 days) based on receiving a negative COVID test on or after day 5 should continue to wear a mask through day 10.

Will the college provide masks to students?

A limited supply of masks will be provided in each classroom and at student support counters/locations for students who need masks.

What type of mask should I wear?

If you choose to wear a mask, then we strongly recommend wearing surgical masks or higher-level respirator N95 or KN95 masks instead of cloth masks or other face-coverings that provide less protection. Read the California Department of Public Health's latest guidance on masks and face coverings.

Scarfs, ski masks, balaclavas, bandanas, turtlenecks, collars, or single layers of fabric are not acceptable face coverings, as they do not provide adequate protection from the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, face shields should not be used in lieu of masks.

FAQ: Vaccine Requirements

Are students required to be vaccinated?

Students who take in-person classes or access on-campus services must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption on file.

Consistent with all applicable laws, Los Rios grants limited exemptions for eligible documented medical conditions as well as narrowly defined and sincerely held religious beliefs. Learn how to request a medical or religious vaccination requirement exemption.

Los Rios continues to offer online classes for students who choose to not be vaccinated.

How do I request a medical or religious exemption?

Exemptions to the vaccination requirement are limited and only available for certain medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs. Learn how to request a medical or religious vaccination requirement exemption.

Do I have to get vaccinated if I am taking only online classes?

Any Los Rios student who expects to come on campus for any reason will need to be vaccinated or have an approved exemption on file. This includes all on-campus classes and on-campus services.

People who will never be on campus, including students who are only enrolled in online classes, are not currently subject to the requirement.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and we recommend everyone get vaccinated. Learn about the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Can a student who has not met the vaccine requirement enroll in classes?

A student's ability to take in-person classes depends upon their ability to demonstrate that they have met the vaccination requirement. As part of our efforts to help reduce barriers for students to enroll in our colleges, Los Rios has revised the enrollment process to allow all students to enroll in in-person classes and provide proof of vaccination (or an approved exemption) prior to the start of the semester. This change takes effect in summer 2022, and any student who is not cleared two weeks before the start of the semester will be dropped from their in-person classes.

Students who choose to not be vaccinated may take 100% online classes but may not come to campus for in-person classes or student support services.

What if I am not vaccinated or do not have an approved exemption on file?

Los Rios students who are not vaccinated or who do not have an approved exemption on file are not allowed to come to any district or college facility in person and are subject to discipline – up to and including possible suspension – if they come to a district or college facility.

Los Rios students who are not vaccinated or who do not have an approved exemption on file will be dropped from in-person classes in which they've enrolled before the start of the term.

Can I get tested instead of getting the vaccine?

No. The Los Rios colleges and our Board of Trustees believe vaccination is the fastest and best way to keep our community safe and end the pandemic. We will continue to offer online classes for students who can't or choose not to get vaccinated or receive an approved exemption.

How do I submit a vaccine requirement exemption request?

Exemptions to the vaccination requirement are limited and only available for certain medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs. Learn how to request a medical or religious vaccination requirement exemption.

Are booster shots required?

We strongly encourage all students and employees who are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot immediately. Boosters are proven to dramatically reduce the chances of contracting the Omicron variant or becoming seriously ill if you do contract COVID-19. To book your booster shot or find a walk-in clinic, visit the State of California’s MyTurn website.

Does the vaccination requirement apply to on-campus volunteers?

Yes, the district's vaccination requirement applies to volunteers. Volunteers must provide proof of vaccination to the administrator responsible for the program or area and receive approval/clearance from Human Resources before engaging in any in-person volunteer activities at Los Rios campuses or facilities.

As is the case for students and employees, volunteers must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption on file to be on campus. Exemptions to the vaccination requirement are limited and only available for certain medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs.

Volunteers who wish to apply for a medical or religious exemption should provide a complete exemption request form to the program administrator. Visit the Exemption Request page to find medical and religious exemption forms.

Are Advanced Education (high school) students subject to the vaccine requirement?

Yes, the vaccination requirement is the same for Advanced Education students and regularly admitted students. Advanced Education students enrolled in an in-person class must report vaccination status. Advanced Education students enrolled only in online classes are not required to report vaccination status.

If a vaccinated student becomes so ill due to COVID-19 that it impacts their ability to successfully complete their classes and they want to withdraw, what are the options? What does a student need to submit to Admissions & Records for medical leave?

Excused Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a class up to the 'W' notation deadline advertised on the academic calendar page and receive a 'W' in the course. Students may petition for an Excused Withdrawal (EW) by submitting a Late Drop Petition Form through eServices along with verification of the illness. However, please note that an EW will not be given to a student who chose not to be vaccinated if that is the sole basis for requesting the EW.

How to access the Late Drop Petition Form:

  1. Log onto eServices
  2. Click on the Other Resources tile
  3. Click on eForms
  4. Select Late Drop Petition Form

Medical Leave

Students may petition for a 'Leave of Absence' for medical reasons. A 'Leave of Absence' is different from withdrawing from classes, but will preserve catalog rights for students who are expected to be unable to attend for a longer period than one semester. To request a 'Leave of Absence', students must file a Student Petition form at their college:

Verification of the illness or medical need must be submitted with the petition. Completed documents should be emailed to the college Admissions and Records office.

How have students been informed of the consequences of choosing not to be vaccinated?

We have sent regular communication to all students since the COVID-19 mandate was implemented, along with emails, phone calls, and text messages to students enrolled in in-person classes.

Are vaccinations required for international F-1 students?

Continuing international students who were enrolled in a course of study in the US at the college on or before March 9, 2020, and who left the US and are currently attending online classes to maintain their F-1 status from abroad will not be required to provide proof of vaccination to continue attending online classes.

International students attending in-person classes will need to provide proof of vaccination the same as any other student to remain compliant with our Code of Conduct. USCIS requires international students who entered the US on an initial I-20 to the college after March 9, 2020 to maintain at least one in-person class each semester to maintain the F-1 visa status.

All new initial or transfer students who wish to enroll in classes are required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination with a vaccine that is on the World Health Organization's approved list. All non-English documents must be translated into English when submitted to the International Student Office or uploaded to the student's eServices account as vaccine verification.

Translators with knowledge of educational records and terminology should be used. Resources include the American Translators Association and the Northern California Translators Association.

FAQ: Facilities and Sanitation

What is the process to "ready" a building? What types of inspection, testing, and replacement of equipment will occur?

COVID mitigation measures to prepare our facilities primarily involve building ventilation and air filtration systems, but Facilities Management (FM) would also do a full HVAC system functions test and inspection for each building prior to occupancy.

Before the pandemic, we already regularly performed these system checks throughout the year, typically coinciding with filter replacements (every four months). Now, we will perform additional checks before reopening facilities. These checks help ensure systems are performing the necessary CDC/ASHRAE recommended air exchanges and sufficient outside fresh air is being pulled into the buildings.

Before reopening a facility, we will also verify that we can remotely communicate with the building's HVAC controls through the District's Energy Management System (EMS).

Read Making Our Buildings Resilient During COVID-19 to learn more.

Will all buildings have air filtration equivalent to N95 masks?

All buildings that are currently occupied have MERV-13 filters, the industry standard for COVID-19 mitigation. MERV-13 filters are recommended because they can trap smaller particles, including viruses, and are equivalent to N95 masks with regards to protection and air quality.

In the event a building's HVAC system cannot accommodate the MERV-13 filters, we are performing additional building "flushing" two hours prior and two hours after occupancy as recommended by CDC/ASHRAE for these situations. As more buildings open to accommodate more people coming to campus, we will perform HVAC system checks and filter changes prior to occupancy.