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Online Education

Student needs are evolving – and Los Rios is ready.

Whether they are supplementing on-campus classes or pursuing an online degree, more and more Los Rios students are taking online courses each semester. Online courses are a great way to take advantage of one of Los Rios' greatest assets – the full course inventory of four outstanding colleges, all at your fingertips.

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Canvas is the online learning platform where students attend their online classes and interact with classmates and instructors. Instructors post syllabi, assignments, communications, and exams on Canvas.

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Los Rios Colleges Online

Los Rios Colleges Online

Los Rios now offers a 100% online business degree through Los Rios Colleges Online. Get your transfer degree on your own terms. Apply today!

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California Virtual Campus

California Virtual Campus

The California Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) is a collaborative effort among California's community colleges to provide students with better access to online courses. The goal is to allow students to search for online classes across California and apply/enroll directly through the website.

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Definitions for Commonly Used Terms in Online Education

Here are explanations of words used in online education.

Learning in which interaction between professors and students occurs intermittently with a time delay. Self-paced courses are an example.

E-learning (short for electronic learning) covers a wide set of applications and processes, including web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the internet, audio, video, broadcast, interactive TV, and more.

Fully Online
Fully online classes are taught 100% online using web-based tools. Orientations, class meetings, assignments, lectures, and discussions all take place online.

Partially Online
Partially online classes are mostly taught online using web-based tools. The professor may choose to have an in-person orientation or other in-person meetings or tests.

A real-time online learning environment in which all participants are logged on at the same time and communicate directly with one another. In this virtual classroom setting, the instructor maintains control of the class, with the ability to "call on" participants. Interaction may also occur via audio- or videoconferencing.

Web-enhanced classes are taught in person but are supplemented with web-based activities, such as online projects, discussions, or tests. Only American River College offers this type of distance education class.