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The application and pre-enrollment process varies depending on what type of student you are. Learn more about the specific steps you should take to get started on your educational journey today.

What Type of Student Are You?

I am...

A First-Time College Student

If you are a new student and it is your first time attending college, then you should complete the Steps to Success to enroll in classes.

Transferring from Another College

You are a transfer student if you have previously attended college outside of the Los Rios Community College District (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, or Sacramento City College).

We encourage transfer students to complete the Steps to Success to enroll in classes.

Only Taking One or Two Classes?

If you are only planning on taking one or two classes, then you only need to submit your application before you enroll in classes.

Returning to a Los Rios College After a Break

You are considered a returning student if you previously attended a Los Rios college (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, or Sacramento City College), but did not attend during the previous semester.


Complete an application to be re-activated as a student.

Update Your Educational Plan

If your educational goals have changed, then meet with a counselor to update your educational plan.

Enroll in Classes

As a returning student, you are eligible for Priority 2 registration. Learn about enrollment dates.

A Continuing Los Rios Student

You are considered a continuing (or current) student if you were enrolled in classes at a Los Rios college during the most recent semester.

Keep Your Records Updated

As a continuing student, you need to submit a supplemental enrollment form every semester before you can enroll in classes. This form can be completed online through eServices. The form asks you to review and update your contact information, education goal, and major.

Update Your Educational Plan

If your educational goals have changed, then meet with a counselor to update your educational plan.

Enroll in Classes

As a continuing student, you are eligible for Priority 1 registration. Learn about enrollment dates.

A High School Student

If you are currently in high school, then you may be able to enroll in college classes through our advanced education program.

A Veteran, Reservist, or Dependent of a Veteran

The Los Rios colleges assist veterans, reservists, and dependents of service-connected disabled or deceased veterans with their educational benefits.

Complete the Steps to Success

New students who are veterans or dependents of veterans should complete the steps to success to enroll in classes.

Before You Apply

Before you submit the online college application, complete either VA Form 22-5490 (applying for VA dependent educational benefits for the first time) or VA Form 22-5495 (if transferring from another school where you used VA educational benefits). These forms are available on the Veterans Affairs website.

Learn More

Visit your college's website to learn more about the application and enrollment process for veterans:

An Undocumented Student

The terms "California Dream Act students," "AB 540 students," and "dreamers" may be used interchangeably and can include students who:

  • Are undocumented
  • Have a valid or expired DACA status
  • Are U Visa holders
  • Have Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • Meet the non-resident exemption requirements under AB 540, AB 2000, or SB 68
  • Have completed the California Dream Act Application for financial aid

Learn how to get started and apply as an undocumented student.

An International Student

You are considered an international student if you are a non-immigrant and you are coming to the United States temporarily to take classes. A non-immigrant is defined as a person who:

  • Intends to stay in the US temporarily
  • Does not have US citizenship or legal permanent resident status (a "green card")
  • Applies for a visa to be allowed entry into the US

Learn about how to apply and enroll in classes as an international student.