Place into the Right Classes

The purpose of placement/assessment is to help you succeed by placing you in English and math classes that match your skill level.

Use High School Records for Placement

You will be automatically placed into English and math classes if you:

  • Graduated from a US high school within the last ten years
  • Included all of the requested information about your high school records on your college application

You can view your placement results in your eServices account. From your eServices dashboard, click Student Center, then Steps to Success. Your scores are displayed in the Assessment Placements section.

Submit Your High School Records for Placement

If you graduated from a US high school within the last ten years but did not report your high school information on your college application, then you can bring your high school transcripts to your college's Assessment Center to receive your English and math placements.

Use College Records for Placement

If you attended another college (outside of Los Rios), then you can provide college transcripts showing that you passed certain classes.  Additional forms may be necessary depending on the college and course.

Use Guided Self-Placement

If you did not complete high school or have been out of high school for more than ten years, then you should use the guided self-placement process to figure out what English and math courses to take. Contact your college's assessment center for more information about guided self-placement:

English as a Second Language (ESL) Assessment

If you are still learning English, then you can go to your college's assessment center to take an ESL assessment test, which will place you in an ESL class that matches your skill level.