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Clubs and Student Leadership

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There is nothing more powerful than our students' voices.

That’s why Los Rios is committed to ensuring a significant role for students in shaping the policy and academic direction of our colleges. The Los Rios colleges exist to serve students, and we owe it to them to listen. We encourage all of our students to get involved on their campus.

Student Representation Across the District

All four of our colleges have an active and engaged student government organization, with new leaders elected every year. Each year, there is also a districtwide election for a student trustee.

The student trustee serves on the board of trustees and represents the interests of the entire community. This person provides perspective to ensure that future students will be well-served.

Student Advisory Committee

The student trustee also chairs the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), which is made up of elected leaders from all four colleges. SAC provides a forum for communication and exchange of ideas, information, and concerns among students.

Get Involved

Learn more about leadership opportunities at each of the Los Rios colleges.