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The student trustee is the student voice on the board of trustees.

The student trustee represents the interests of the entire community and provides perspective to ensure that future students will be well-served. In addition to serving on the board of trustees, the student trustee chairs the Student Advisory Committee, which provides a forum for communication and exchange of ideas, information, and concerns among students.

Eligibility, Elections, and Term of Office

To be eligible to run for student trustee, a student must be enrolled in at least five units at any Los Rios college. Student trustee elections are held during the spring semester every year. The term of office is one year and runs June through May.

Student Trustee Application

Current Student Trustee

Trajan Robinson

June 2022 to May 2023

Trajan Robinson is a business economics major at Folsom Lake College, and he is a passionate advocate for students facing barriers in higher education.

Prior to his new role, Trajan worked as a founding team member at Folsom Lake College’s Equity Center where he assisted his college efforts to address students affected by the pandemic. He continued to work in this position while simultaneously serving as his campus’s Associated Student Senate President.

As the current student trustee, Trajan intends to advocate for improving student outreach on all four campuses. He believes that student academic success will increase when students are aware of the opportunities available to them in community college. Through this, the colleges can be springboards for transformative growth that will benefit students and their communities.

Upon graduating from Los Rios, Trajan plans to transfer to a four-year university where he hopes to study economics at UC Berkeley. After college, he hopes to stay involved in the community making a difference closest to home.


Legal Requirements

State law requires that governing boards of community college districts have at least one non-voting member who is chosen by the students. Read Education Code 72023.5 for more information.