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Los Rios is eliminating eligible student debt! The COVID-19 pandemic created unforeseen financial stresses for many students, so we are providing one-time debt forgiveness to support students in their academic goals.

Eligible students do not need to take any action – there are no applications or forms to fill out.

Student and Debt Eligibility

The general eligibility criteria for student debt forgiveness is as follows:

Only Los Rios debt is forgiven. Third-party debt or debt incurred before March 2020 or after the summer 2022 semester is not forgiven under this program. Third-party debt that does not qualify for forgiveness includes:

  • Universal Transit Pass (UTP) fees
  • Student Representation fees

Student Account

If your student debt has been forgiven, then you will see a line item in your student account titled Student Debt Write Off.

Screenshot of eServices financial account page

Previous Pandemic-Related Student Debt Forgiveness

On September, 29, 2021, Los Rios forgave student debt that was incurred between the start of the pandemic in March 2020 and the end of the summer 2021 semester.