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After You Apply

To ensure an equitable recruitment process, Los Rios uses committees to review applications, develop interview questions, select interviewees, and conduct interviews.

Because of this shared governance process, it may take six to eight weeks from a posting's closing date before you are notified if you are selected for an interview.

How are Applications Screened?

While you are waiting to hear if you've been selected for an interview, your application is being vetted through Los Rios' screening process.

Human Resources Screening

After a job posting closes, Human Resources reviews all applications and screens out candidates who do not meet minimum qualifications. Human Resources also reviews any reports of convictions to determine if those applicants are eligible to continue in the screening process. Felonies and sex or drug offenses are often problematic.

All applicants who are screened out because they don't meet minimum qualifications or because of convictions are notified via email.

Hiring Committee Screening

After Human Resources has screened applicants for minimum qualifications and convictions, the hiring committee reviews the remaining applications. Committee members independently screen and rank each application. Screening criteria generally include:

  • Recent training/experience
  • Relevant coursework
  • Teaching experience
  • Experience with diverse communities
  • Professional recognition/continued professional growth
  • Community involvement
  • Subject matter expertise

The results of the independent screenings are tabulated and top candidates are invited for an interview.