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Regional Advisory Committees with Valley Vision

See the CE Industry Advisory Committee Handbook.

Los Rios has partnered with Valley Vision to develop and manage Regional Advisory meetings for the priority industry sectors of the Sacramento Capital Region:

The objectives of Regional Advisories are to build a strong partnership between educators and employers that:

  • Provide timely information on skills gaps and workforce needs, informing partners on major industry trend information
  • Improve the efficiency of the advisory process for educators and employers;
  • Reflect a regional view of workforce needs and assets
  • Provide opportunities for more systemic, ongoing engagement that includes workforce partners in key industry sectors

Connecting the needs of students, educators and employers are critical to building a strong regional workforce and a competitive economy, while providing opportunity for workers to gain skills and income mobility.

Reports and Resources

Visit Valley Vision to find current and previous reports by industry sector.

See Industry Sector Reports

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Get Involved

Let us know if you'd like to join an advisory committee.